Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Friend Zone.

Do these sound familiar?

"You're such a nice guy."
"You're my best friend."
"Why aren't more guys like you?"

If they do, welcome to the friend zone.

Has she told you everything there is to know about her ex boyfriend and why they broke up? She is spilling the beans to make sure you don't make the same mistakes with her, right? 


First of all, no woman will tell you exactly what she wants in a relationship and actually mean it. Even if she does, 1.) you shouldn't be pursuing this know-it-all, unless you are looking forward to total subversion to her giant ego, and 2.) she has no idea what she actually wants.

People do not learn from their past. If she was attracted to some ass who spent his free time running around town punching police officers and inventing new sex moves with drunken sorority girls, she will look for that guy, part 2. Unless you're into trying out new hobbies that involve handcuffs and sexually transmitted diseases, you're out of luck.

If she has given you the ex lowdown, or told you how great you are without any sign of return on your time investment, you're out of luck. You may have made yourself too available. You may have listened to her talk about her day and the contents of her Nordstrom bag one too many times. You may have been too insightful, or spoken too highly of her. 

Hello time commitment. Goodbye physical payoff. You're dating... but you're not. Meanwhile, she's getting with some guy named Chad. 

1 comment:

Faker said...

I get in the friend zone waaaay to much.. its hard to get out of but it is possible.

I have always said, girls can get whatever they want if they knew what they wanted. Guys know what they want but they just cant seemed to get it!