Sunday, October 31, 2010

an exercise in music

step 1: get your playlist together, put it on random, and play
step 2: pick your favorite lines from the first 10 songs that play
step 3: post and let everyone you know guess what song the lines come from
step 4: cross out the songs when someone guesses correctly

1. The things we did the things you hide / For the record it's between you and I
2. And the power's out in the heart of man / Take it from your heart, put in your hand
3. But first I need your hand / So forever can begin
4. But don't answer life / In a bullet proof vest / With the windows all closed
5. Nothing's the same when you give it away / no its not what it seems / it's just what you think it is
6. Take what you need while there's time / The city will be earth in a short while / If I'm not mistaken, it's been in flames / You and I will escape to the seaside
7. It's what I want /that's easy /It's getting it / That's complicated
8. I want to have the same last dream again / The one where I wake up and im alive / Just as the / four walls closed me within / My eyes are opened up with pure sunlight
9. She acts like summer and walks like rain / Reminds me that there's time to change, hey, hey
10. Keep your head above the water / but don't forget to breathe.

Not expecting anyone to be guessing these but sometimes I need a reminder of how much I love the music that I have accumulated over the years.

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