Sunday, January 4, 2009

Because You Know Better

Some things are easier than others. No things are easier than bar skanks. 

Night after night, I'll go out and observe the spectacle that is the guy in his early 20s making his move from his precarious position on a barstool towards the girl sitting next to him, who decided on wearing a shiny and revealing gold v-neck dress to an olde-style pub. 

The outfit should say enough. Anyone with any college drinking experience will tell you that this is the equivalent of a girl walking the streets at night, scoping out the best corners. Instead, in return for a good time, all she requests is that she does not wake up sober. 

At first glance it is the perfect scenario for a college guy: a casual hookup with no repercussions. On second thought, any guy with a brain will realize that this is a vapid pursuit, with the only bright side being mild to severe depression. If it doesn't hit immediately, give it a few months (edit: in case of douchebaggery, allow a decade of equally pointless endeavors). 

For a good time and a potential case for an antibiotics prescription, call 503-866-XXXX. 


Faker said...

Nice.. I liked this.

I like to steer away from these girls just because they have nothing to offer me that they haven't offered to someone else already.

Shania said...

it is totally true, great post!