Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mind Games... Don't Mind if I Do

A simple yet effective way of reminding your past romantic pursuit that you exist:

Action: Send a seemingly errant and nonsensical text message to said individual. Keep it simple-- no more than a couple words will do. 

Example: "Park."

Result: receive confused text message in return. Reply by saying you accidentally sent it to the wrong number. If the confused message asks whether you were referring to something in your past, simply be ambiguous and use a phrase such as "maybe someday", or "you'd like that, wouldn't you?"

Three days later: she posts a comment on myspace.

Six days later: a text message exchange takes place. 

Her: "I know it probably doesnt matter to you anymore but I miss you. Quite a bit."
Me:  "And why wouldn't I care?"
Her: "I dunno I just thought you wouldn't.We kinda just stopped talking. I don't like it one bit!"
Me:  "Hmm yeah there's probably a reason for that."

He shoots, he scores. 

I then proceeded to enjoy a warm day at the beach, cursing into the wind as it swept away the tears.

Today, they were tears of victory.


Faker said...

Good Idea... I might just try it!

Shania said...

LOL ohh my! I have tried this and it worked! I totally forgot about it. Thanks so much for reminding me of the good ol days

Shania said...

Great blog! funny,entertaining but always with a point. I'll back to check your next entry