Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Something about the road and intentions...

Try as I may, there are things in life that are and will forever be inevitable. I would compile a full list but I have neither the time nor the desire to bore this blog's two readers. As you are one of them, "you're welcome."

The phenomenon I allude to is the fact that there are patterns I seem to fall into on a persistent basis. Call it a self-destruct button with both an auto timer and a trip sensor, with both having been triggered this weekend. Perhaps the time had simply come for me to enter the next chapter of doubt and disillusionment. Maybe I simply can't depart from my house farther than than 200 miles without my mind starting to wander.

No matter which has occurred, be it both of the above or other recent developments, I am here, writing in this blog, because I have not been able to fall sleep as I usually do for the last two nights, which have coincided with my arrival to Salt Lake City. Instead of dozing off within minutes, I must wait hours before my consciousness begins to slip away. My thoughts are in a race that seemingly has no end- just an inevitable intermission that eclipses my night as if to get just the right amount of rest to begin the next day with a hint of melancholy.

Maybe my life just wouldn't be complete without a dash of wanting that which I cannot have. Perhaps I am simply too eager to lay what I have down on the table and roll the dice, just so that I can say that I tried.

Then again, I may just have to have that one bit of uncertainty in my life. That one spark that makes every moment worth living, if only to find out what the next entails.

And maybe I just have a chronic case of ADD for the things that matter most.

This was supposed to be another post about girls and music. Then again, in some way, every one of these posts is. Inevitable.

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