Friday, June 4, 2010

bar tricks

Another epic success, having walked up to the bar with a girl I had just met. She tells me that she knows the bartender. I decide to play the no-nonsense card.

Girl: so what are you drinking?
Me: I'll decide once I find out what the cheapest drink here is.
Girl: oh... well you can ask.
Me: you better find out for me.

The girl asks the bartender and finds out that PBR is the cheapest money can buy.

Me: what are you drinking?
Girl: [to the bartender, who is paying attention] a greyhound. [to me] Have you ever had one-- they're amazing.
Me: of course I have. [to the bartender] I will have that too.

Bartender goes over to make the drinks. Girl has shown her cards-- she has not reached for a means of payment.

Me: you know I'm not paying for your drink right?
Girl: oh... yeah, of course. [reaches for her purse]
Me: you should probably get mine too.
Girl: ok!
Me: [grinning and high fiving myself mentally on a mission accomplished.]

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