Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"predictable" sums it up

Having bored myself senseless, I start flipping through my old facebook photos. After a while, I come across a picture that had been commented on by 'the girl' of past lamentation and despair. She has since un-friended me and we have not been in touch for months, with a feeling of aggrieved rejection lingering in the back of my mind.

Rather than leave the picture alone, I decide to run a little test. I have had no contact with her as of recently, and there has been no attempt to meet for coffee ever since attempt #5 ended with a last second plan change on her part. At that point, I stopped replying to her messages. Today, I needed to see if she was still trying to feign interest.

I leave a comment on the picture after hers, completely unrelated to anything she had said. The beauty of facebook is that it sends a notification about subsequent comments to anyone that had ever left a note on a picture.

I tip the first domino, the rest come tumbling down:

She gets notice in her inbox.
Five minutes later, I receive a friend request.

Cue Copeland's "You Have My Attention".
Come back to senses.
Switch to "Cute Without the 'E'".

That's better.

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