Thursday, June 24, 2010

a post about nothing

As I start writing this post, I acknowledge that I have no purpose behind writing it other than the act of producing words and tying them into sentences. There is no hidden meaning, and I am in no mood in particular to be ranting on about anything of substance. This post exists for the sake of existing, with no sub-plots or witticisms.

Typing for the hell of it-- it's quite a concept. For once, I have nothing on my mind, and there is almost a peaceful calm inside my head.


Perhaps I am simply exhausted of running in circles within my own head, but the feeling is not unlike taking a breather and sitting the next few plays out. Let someone else do all the work, while I take a well-earned rest. How I earned it, I have not the faintest idea, but a break from the action appears warranted.

Just a moment of nothing. A chance to just leave it all alone-- to stop and take a look around and appreciate the scenery. Apparently there is quite a bit there to appreciate.

Who knew?

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