Monday, June 22, 2009

CPA Review, Day 1: No Music?!

Having spent about 4 hours on the first section (of nine) of the first of four tests required to become a Certified Public Accountant, my brain is beginning to bounce around from place to place. Perhaps the hardest thing about buckling down and studying is the fact that I can't have music playing in the background-- all the lectures require the man with the New York accent, who mentions Puff Daddy in passing between pages, to go over the key points of every page of my god-knows-how-many-pages-long Financial Review textbook.

This means no Vampire Weekend, no Discovery, no Animal Collective, no Moby, no Presets, no ANYTHING. I haven't studied for anything without an upbeat tune making its way through my eardrums since I first bought a CD player in 7th grade. This feels unnatural and wrong.

I can't even have Copeland...


Morgan Ives said...

It might be worth putting on some light music in the background. I always studied with music too and I know what a help it can be. Copeland is a great band :) but maybe try something less lyrically oriented like some Miles Davis or classical music.

The CPA Exam is a super hard exam to get through - so you want to make sure that you are motivated to study and learn the material. If you deprive yourself of what is one of your greatest pleasures, you might start to find excuses to not study :)

(ps. stumbled upon your blog and think its fastastic - love the raw emotion)

The Coffee Curmudgeon said...

That's probably a good idea. I've actually been meaning to check out some of Miles Davis' work and this is probably a great chance to do so. Thanks for the advice :)

hollylynn said...

thanks for the comment and for dropping by my little blog.

so about this post - i can feel your pain. my office of cubicles is dead silent all day, and if i forget my ear buds, i am totally screwed.

good luck!