Thursday, June 18, 2009

Glau: A Dream.

Last night, I had my first dream about the most beautiful woman on television. The one, the only: Summer Glau. And what a dream it was, leaving me confused about what was going on and where I was when I woke up...

Before I continue, I should say that despite my own earnest best effort and will for the dream to take a sexy turn, it never did. Apparently dream "me" acknowledges the whole "I'm in a relationship" thing as much as I do, and I have yet to write out a laminated list of celebrities and have it be approved by my significant other. What is this "laminated list," you might ask? Educate yourself here:

The dream:
There I was, graduated from college, and apparently decided to live in some sort of high-class apartment building on the University of Oregon campus. My roommates consisted of my best friends from high school, and were, apparently, set on causing as much trouble as possible. First, we pranked a friend's car with random newspaper clippings, only to then have the friend call the police on us. This was the beginning.

Our debauchery did not end there. We decided to follow up with a prank phone call, claiming to be collections from a pornographic magazine, much to the dismay of the girl on the other end of the line. Halfway through the conversation, a man picked up the phone, asking our number, at which point we hung up, laughing hysterically. Unfortunately, we apparently forgot to block our phone number, so we received a call from Deloitte & Touche-- the company where I am set to start work in September, saying that I had breached my contract by bothering the Portland office's managing partner with a prank call. I was to report to the nearest office for discipline.

When I got there, I was given a memo, which directed me to a park, where I was to meet a woman from corporate. I arrived at the park, which was full of people engaging in some sort of large-scale celebration, and was approached by the woman: Miss Summer Glau, who was lovely as ever, but wearing a funny sort of hipster beanie.

From then, the topic of conversation changed several times, an somehow we ended up preparing for a sleepover. Upon initiating preparations for such an event, and remembering that I have a girlfriend, I considred backing out but decided that nothing would happen and that this would simply be an opportunity to hang out with my biggest celebrity crush. We went to get dinner and things ended up proceeding in a "lets

Well this predicament came with a spin: apparently she knew that I had harbored this crush and was seeking me out-- not as a member of Deloitte, but by her own means. However, finding out that I am not single led to her disappearing, which, in turn, led to me chasing after her down seemingly endless stairs, at which point I was awoken briefly. Despite panic about the situation and confusion about Deloitte and whether I have a job, I drifted back into the dream but realized that I must have dreamed the prank calling and consequences. At this point, I just kept running, trying to find her, and only catching glimpses here and there, as she disappeared.

At this point, I woke up, feeling all sorts of confused about what had just happened and unsure if any of that was real. I was relieved to still have a job, but I'm guessing I'll never actually get to meet Miss Glau.

Ah, life. I'm so glad to have dreams almost nightly to help take out some of the monotony.

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